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Win a Trip to Scotland from The Whisky Sessions and XFM Manchester

Turin Brakes fans, XFM Manchester and The Whisky Sessions are giving away a free trip to Scotland and a weekend pass to The Whisky Sessions. Information on how to win on the XFM Manchester website


Hooping to Turin Brakes

Here's something fun. We want to share the following video with you. It was tweeted to us by - it's fun and free and.. we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. To the tune of Moonlight Mile.

Video from YouTube user Sally Cinnamon performed to Turin Brakes cover of "Moonlight Mile"

Hooping progress - Turin Brakes - Moonlight Mile


Music v Cancer will welcome Turin Brakes to The Grand Hotel on Friday, October 3. Tony Larkin, founder of Music v Cancer, said: "This is probably the highest profile act we have booked for our Weekender performances and I’m absolutely thrilled that we will have Turin Brakes in Hartlepool."


Antiquiet Session #17

Here's a treat - an Antiquiet Session with Turin Brakes recorded in their studio at Swing House in Hollywood. Apparently, according to the article on their website, an Antiquiet Session had been tentatively planned for a long time as they waited patiently for Turin Brakes to drift through Los Angeles - which they did this year (as you know) in touring to support We Were Here. The session (Antiquiet Session #17) is now available on their website.

Turin Brakes: We Were Here (Antiquiet Sessions)

Turin Brakes: Time And Money (Antiquiet Sessions)

Dear Dad (Antiquiet Sessions)

Turin Brakes: Blindsided Again (Antiquiet Sessions)


Somewhere in Europe...

This appeared on YouTube over the weekend. And to our Italian fans: Grazie a tutti! We had a great time.

Where were We Were Here?


At The Subway Sessions, Turin Brakes and SongCraft Presents' Ben Arthur created a brand new song called "International." Olly, Gale, Eddie and Rob came with a couple chords, an embryonic idea, and left with a new tune! Listen to the audio interview.


International: One Song, One Afternoon

Here's the YouTube debut of the song written by Turin Brakes and Ben Arthur for SongCraft Presents and Acoustic Cafe at SXSW 2014. It was all done in a matter of hours.

Acoustic Cafe + SongCraft Presents a song written by Turin Brakes and Ben Arthur for SongCraft Presents and Acoustic Cafe at South by Southwest 2014.

International - Turin Brakes