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Here is a picture of Ed and Ollie relaxing on the ferry on the way over to the Emerald Isle.
We're treating this like an extension on our USA road trip - the 10 hours or so from London to Belfast felt like nothing . It has been ages since we were here and I have no idea why really - but we're very happy to be back.

As these latest photos show there hasnt been much downtime in our touring schedule. We are generally setting alarms, driving all day, doing the gig, checking into the hotel and repeating. We are grabbing every moment that we can though for sneaky enjoyment. Now we've hit the East coast the venues have become a but more suited to our acoustic needs ( dont speak too soon! ) its not that some venues havent been good its just easier to get inside the music when you're not battling DJs downstairs or a mass rock band next door.

We've just got into the hotel in Denver, the last few days have been the busiest of the tour, we started with a truly majestic two day road trip from Portland down to San Francisco, through gigantic redwood forests (avenue of the giants) where the scale of the trees was so far beyond anything we know we could barely take it in until we saw the photos later on, we came across miles of empty beaches and perfect dreamy rivers with not another soul in view, not to mention the endless roads tapering off into the horizon, it's like the places weve lived in with our music come to life before our v

Were in Portland, it's an hour till stage time, I'm writing this from our hotel room at the Doug Fir, G has driven like a demon to get us here (He loves to drive) I've been time lapsing out the window and Edd's been holding court from the back of the minivan, he is the Oracle of knowledge.

So if you managed to get to this page, you might have realised there is a problem with the front page. And there is, in that it has disappeared. A technical error has occurred - something to do with the internet and computers and maybe a bank holiday. But don't worry it will be fixed and if you are looking for tickets to our USA or Ireland or festival shows you should either revisit soon or google it and carry on as normal, we still love and need you all. Apologies from us.

And also gratzie milli for coming to see us in Italy - it was an experience we are hoping to repeat soon .

We sadly waved goodbye to Germany after another great crowd in Frankfurt. We felt the love in Germany , thank you all so much for coming out and supporting us. We hope to get back there whenever we can.

Shortly after the show we smashed our way through the ALps all the way to Milan. As soon as we walked into the venue

I remembered playing here years ago with Kings Of Convienence - a long time ago. So we were made up to see a probably bigger crowd turning up to see us.

We hit Berlin yesterday for a day off before tonights show. Of course we know a german minimalist techno DJ here who took us out to a smoky and( I mean smoky ) bar which reminded us how bars used to be back home , eyes blazing , clothes reeking - in the UK now you go outside to smoke but in Berlin you go outside to breath!! - it showed us how much we've adapted to the ban in the uk , maybe we're fragile old men underneath these muscular exteriors.

Brighton was our last show of this UK tour and it was extra special, we had most of the amazing Brighton based choir from the Theatre Royal show join us again for Future Boy and State of things, Pete Lawrie and his band also joined us for Underdog and the whole evening felt like a massive release, it was one of those hot sweaty nights where the air is filled with electricity, to look out into the crowd and see couples kissing, people crying and others beaming and singing along with all their hearts was mind blowing!

Well well well ! there was no way we could have know just how loud the crowd in Glasgow was going to belast night !!! What an incredible night we had , it was made pretty easy for us to be honest ! More like that please .