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We've just announced our "We Were Here" Fall tour dates in the UK. You can check out all our gigs and links to buy tickets in our live section.

Chim Chim Cheree is now available on iTunes with proceeds going to Shelter UK and the 2 Shelters in USA that feature in the Phillip Bloom film. Please buy it and spread it round. For the price of half a cup of coffee you will get some funds to some people in need especially at this time of year.

As I mentioned on the previous blog its the 10th Anniversary of The Optimist LP and we are heading out on tour to play the whole album from start to finish , in the style of the Optimist LP

We have recorded a small EP that will accompany us on the tour - 3 covers and one brand new track . We've called it XEROX and I guess it will be the second release of our label The Complete Atomic .

We are very excited to announce an anniversary tour of our debut album The Optimist LP. It was released 10 years ago this year and our aim with this tour is to play the entire album from start to finish , in the style of the album . We realised that we had to do something to mark the occasion and this is it . If you love that album please come along and join in .

Tune in to RESONANCE FM 104.4 London this Weds 11th May. Hopefully it will be proof that we are still alive, but we'll see! Last time was a lot of fun and again we've got quite a lot we want to get through .

Its the 10th anniversary of the Optimist LP this year and we're trying to put something together to celebrate before the years done and its too late. There is still a bit of time left . We're not entirely asleep all the time , honest !


Hello , It has been awhile since we told you what we are up to . So sorry about that . We are still living and breathing. We are all living in an explosion of cosmic proportions what with the universe expanding constantly and everything. (thats my excuse anyway)

Well it finally happened - we managed to play in Torino Italia after 10 years .And we didnt disappear into a crazy scientific wormhole - quite the opposite in fact !

A few or the good people of Milan had told us Torino wasnt really up to much but the wool was finally pulled away from our eyes. A beautiful city set against the Alps with loads of cultural activity . Its gotta be a number one holiday destination - everyone needs a Turin Break !

We woke up early in order to get to Glastonbury with enough time to relax before our show in the 5,000 capacity acoustic stage, we decided to take the word "acoustic" a little more to heart and did the show as a trio, we hoped we'd get a crowd that knew many of the classics and would enjoy the stripped down sing along....

Here is a picture of Ed and Ollie relaxing on the ferry on the way over to the Emerald Isle.
We're treating this like an extension on our USA road trip - the 10 hours or so from London to Belfast felt like nothing . It has been ages since we were here and I have no idea why really - but we're very happy to be back.

As these latest photos show there hasnt been much downtime in our touring schedule. We are generally setting alarms, driving all day, doing the gig, checking into the hotel and repeating. We are grabbing every moment that we can though for sneaky enjoyment. Now we've hit the East coast the venues have become a but more suited to our acoustic needs ( dont speak too soon! ) its not that some venues havent been good its just easier to get inside the music when you're not battling DJs downstairs or a mass rock band next door.