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We are playing a very intimate show in London on September 16th. For a chance to win one of 15 pairs of tickets keep your eyes on our Facebook or Twitter pages as we'll be posting pictures of us in locations. You need to guess where we are. 15 winners will be selected at random. Winners must be 18 and over.

Turin Brakes were on Janice Long for the Spoken Word session, and to chat about their 6th studio album "We Were Here."

Here's the making of the album We Were Here all documented in 2:09 to the track We Were Here.

Turin Brakes - We Were Here (Teaser)

Here's "Guess You Heard" from our studio deep in South London.

Turin Brakes - Guess You Heard (New Album Track)

Who's listened to Time and Money? Here's another track from the new album We Were Here.

Turin Brakes - Stop The World (Teaser)

Watch the video, then pre-order the album. You can also download the track "Time and Money" free.

Turin Brakes - We Were Here (Announcement Video)

Turin Brakes - Time And Money (Lyric Video)

Here's a little teaser from the green room at the FuoriLuogo Festival 2013

Fuoriluogo Festival 2013 - We were here (Acoustic GreenRoom Version) - Turin Brakes

We've just announced our "We Were Here" Fall tour dates in the UK. You can check out all our gigs and links to buy tickets in our live section.

Chim Chim Cheree is now available on iTunes with proceeds going to Shelter UK and the 2 Shelters in USA that feature in the Phillip Bloom film. Please buy it and spread it round. For the price of half a cup of coffee you will get some funds to some people in need especially at this time of year.

As I mentioned on the previous blog its the 10th Anniversary of The Optimist LP and we are heading out on tour to play the whole album from start to finish , in the style of the Optimist LP

We have recorded a small EP that will accompany us on the tour - 3 covers and one brand new track . We've called it XEROX and I guess it will be the second release of our label The Complete Atomic .