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Turin Brakes' UK TOUR 2016 has been announced with an exclusive two-day pre-sale on now! UK Tour tickets & new album Lost Property altogether in one package from Seetickets (pre-order tickets HERE). Tour tickets will be on general sale on Friday, 4 November at 10:00 am. Lost Property is also available to buy from: Official Store,  iTunesAmazon


Turin Brakes - 96 (Official Video)

Turin Brakes are currently in the studio working on album seven.

Turin Brakes will be helping Dermot O'Leary tonight by playing some live tunes for him (and you) during his marathon 24 hour dance! We are playing live at around 2am - come and watch live at Broadcasting House or on the RED BUTTON on digital TV or right here. Don't forget to sponsor him too... it's gonna be a tough ride!

Turin Brakes fans, XFM Manchester and The Whisky Sessions are giving away a free trip to Scotland and a weekend pass to The Whisky Sessions. Information on how to win on the XFM Manchester website

Here's something fun. We want to share the following video with you. It was tweeted to us by - it's fun and free and.. we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. To the tune of Moonlight Mile.

Hooping progress - Turin Brakes - Moonlight Mile

Here's a treat - an Antiquiet Session with Turin Brakes recorded in their studio at Swing House in Hollywood. Apparently, according to the article on their website, an Antiquiet Session had been tentatively planned for a long time as they waited patiently for Turin Brakes to drift through Los Angeles - which they did this year (as you know) in touring to support We Were Here. The article and session (Antiquiet Session #17) is now available on their website (and below).

Turin Brakes: We Were Here (Antiquiet Sessions)

Turin Brakes: Time And Money (Antiquiet Sessions)

Dear Dad (Antiquiet Sessions)

Turin Brakes: Blindsided Again (Antiquiet Sessions)

This appeared on YouTube over the weekend. And to our Italian fans: Grazie a tutti! We had a great time.

Where were We Were Here?

Here's the YouTube debut of the song written by Turin Brakes and Ben Arthur for SongCraft Presents and Acoustic Cafe at SXSW 2014. It was all done in a matter of hours.

International - Turin Brakes

Check out this little video from the Bandwidth Sessions YouTube channel of the boys playing Underdog with Eddie on mandolin. It was filmed for State Magazine in Dublin as part of the live performance series 'State Intervention.' (Yeah, we thought you'd like it.)

Turin Brakes - Underdog (Save Me)